Lone Star Mensa Calendar

You do not need approval to host events for Mensans. Just set up the event, add it to the calendar, and make an announcement. You can add it directly to the calendar or indirectly by sending an email to the Calendar Editor, calendar@lsm.us.mensa.org or the Webmaster listed at the bottom of the page. To directly add it to the calender you should first add the "Lone Star Mensa" calendar to your Google calendar account. Click on the "+Google Calendar" link at the bottom right of the calendar above to go to your Google calendar or to set one up. Let the Webmaster know you will be entering calendar items so he set the Google permissions to allow that.

A full calendar (which includes addresses and telephone numbers) is available to all members of American Mensa Ltd. as part of the printed newsletter. Your Mensa ID and Password is required. access to the members only section.

Here is the iCal URL to use if you wish to subscribe to the calendar. Please follow the instructions in your calendar program for installation.

Recurring Activities.

The following activities are normally scheduled on the same day each month. However, they are sometimes moved or canceled because of holidays or conflicting activities like the Annual Gathering and near by Regional Gatherings. Be sure to check the calendar above before you head out.

Monthly Membership Meetings. Normally held the second Monday of each month, 6:45-8:45 PM, CarverBranch Library. LSM members select topics and present or sponsor presenters for general meetings of the membership. The list is online. Add your topics and presenters to the list. Click on the Member Meetings tab above for details. Prospective members and the general public are particularly welcome to attend.

Eclectic Eats: Join us for a specially selected restaurant each month chosen to sample one of the varieties of food available in the Austin Area. Our former Chief Connoisseurs Aaron Rabushka, has accepted an extended work assignment in California, so we are looking for one or more connoisseurs to lead us to good places to eat. If you would like to make reservations for us to join you at your favorite restaurant, please contact Rose at editor@lsm.us.mensa.org.

TGIT (Thank Goodness It's Thursday). Normally held the second, third, and fourth Thursdays of each month 6-8 PM. Enjoy a good meal or just hang out with Mensa level conversation and friendship. Topics depend on the participants; past conversations include parallel universes, health and diet, transportation, war stories, politics, and occasionally religion. Usually there are a couple of chess sets and a couple of decks of cards so that folks can play chess, checkers, and whatever or watch their colleagues play or simply ignore them. Prospective members and the general public are welcome to attend.

Games Night: Normally held the third Saturday of every month at Patsy Graham's. However. Patsy has not been able to be host recently. If you would like to host this activity please contact Patsy Graham.

Chess Night: Open play. Douglas Yee will take on any challenger. You can play, watch, or ignore the game. He usually brings a chess puzzle or two for those who do not want to watch the game. Prospective members are welcome. Prospective members are especially welcome. Second Thursdays, 6-8 PM, Central Market North.

S&L. No this is not savings and loans but our monthly work opportunity to seal our beloved "Dillo" LSM newsletters, add the address labels, and stack the newsletters for mailing. Fourth Thursdays, 6-8 PM, Central Market North.

Dillo Deadline: Deadline for submissions to the LSM newsletter, The Armadillo Literary Gazette, and monthly updates LSM Website, normally the Second Thursday of each Month:

Board Meeting: Elected officers and Standing Committee Chairmen should attend; other officers are encouraged to attend; and other members are invited to attend as well. Join the Board of Officers as we discuss our way forward. Better yet volunteer to become an officer of Lone Star Mensa. First Thursdays, 7:30-8:30 PM, Carver Branch Library.

Recurring Locations

Central Market-North Lamar Central Market (North) Café is located on the south side of the Central Market grocery store in the Central Park shopping center east of N. Lamar between 38th and 41st Streets. We usually meet upstairs but if there is party, look for us downstairs or outside.

Central Market-South Lamar Central Market (South) Café is located on the east side of
the Central Market grocery store in the Westgate Mall on the south side of S. Lamar access road (the south access road of I-290/SR71) between Westgate Blvd. and Frontier Trail Once inside, look for a Mensa sign or folks with Mensa shirts who appear smart.

Carver Branch Library This library is located next to the Carver Museum on Angelina Street. between 11th and 12th Streets in East Austin.

Patsy Graham's Home: (Phone and address restricted to Mensa members.)


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